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Khalida Embriodery is the manufacturer & exporter of all kind of Military Uniform Accessorie like Aiguillettes, Lanyards, Cap Cords, Bullion wirer badges, Tessale, Ribbon, Braid, Shoulder Cords, Hat cords,Blazer Badges, Family Crest, Cap Badges, Pocket Badges, Chevrons, Shoulder Slides, Sword Knots, Cap Peaks, Bullion wire metalic Fringes,Fringes etc
    Bullion wire Aiguillettes
    Mylar Aiguillettes
    Silk -Polyester Aiguillettes
Shoulder Cords - Fourragere
    Shoulder Cords
    Cobra Shoulder Cord
    Belgian Fourragere
Hat Cords-Cap Cords and Straps
    Civil War & Campaign Hat Cords
    Cap Cords
    Cap Straps
    French Naval Braid
    Bias & Stand Braid
    USA Army Braid
Overseas Medal Ribbons
    Australia Australian Medal Ribbons
    British Medal Ribbons
    Belgium Medal Ribbons
    USSR Russia Medal Ribbons
    USA United States Of America Medal Ribbons
Masonic Regalia
    Master Masonic Aprons
    Masonic Hand Embroidery Badges
    Masonic Collar
    Masonic Gauntlet-Cuffs
    Masonic Sash
    Masonic Gloves
Overseas Military and Civilian Embroidered Badges
    Africa Hand Embroidery Badge
    Argentina Hand Embroidery Badge
    Australia Hand Embroidery Badge
    Bahamas Hand Embroidery Badge
    Bahrain Hand Embroidery Badge
    Brazil Hand Embroidery Badge
    Barbados Hand Embroidery Badge
    Brunei Hand Embroidery Badge
    Canada Hand Embroidery Badge
    Cyprus Hand Embroidery Badge
    Finland Hand Embroidery Badge
    France Hand Embroidery Badge
    German WWl & WWll Hand Embroidery Badge
    Ghana Hand Embroidery Badge
    Greece Greek Hand Embroidery Badge
    Italian Italy Hand Embroidery Badge
    Indian Hand Embroidery Badge
    Irish Ireland Hand Embroidery Badge
    Japan Hand Embroidery Badge
    Jordan Hand Embroidery Badge
    Kenya Hand Embroidery Badge
    Korea Hand Embroidery Badge
    Kuwait Hand Embroidery Badge
    Libya Hand Embroidery Badge
    Lithuania Hand Embroidery Badge
    Malawi Hand Embroidery Badge
    Malaysia Hand Embroidery Badge
    Norway Hand Embroidery Badge
    Oman Hand Embroidery Badge
    Qatar Hand Embroidery Badge
    Russian - USSR Hand Embroidery Badge
    Seychelles Hand Embroidery Badge
    Singapore Hand Embroidery Badge
    Scotland Hand Embroidery Badge
    Swaziland Hand Embroidery Badge
    Thailand Hand Embroidery Badge
    Trinidad and Tobago Hand Embroidery Badge
    Turkey Hand Embroidery Badge
    UAE Hand Embroidery Badge
    USA Hand Embroidery Badge
    United Kingdom Hand Embroidery Badge
    Yemen Hand Embroidery Badge
    Zimbabwe Hand Embroidery Badge
Other Hand Embroidered Items
    Hand Embroidered Family Crest
    Hand Embroidered Coat of Arms
    Hand Embroidered Banners
    Hand Embroidered Pennants
    Hand Embroidered Sashes
    Hand Embroidered Regimental Badges
    Hand Embroidered Squadron Badge
Epaulette-Shoulder Boards Ranks
    Twisted Cord Shoulder Boards
    Hand Embroidery Shoulder Boards
    Braided Shoulder Rank Slides
Rope Cords
    Paracord Parachute Cord Lanyard
    Bullion Wire Cords
    Mylar Cords
    Twisted Cords
Soutache Braid-Russian Braid
    Silk Polyster Nylon Soutache-Russian Braid
    Mylar Soutache -Russian Braid
    Bullion Wire Fringes
    Mylar Fringes
    Silk Polyester Fringe
    Beaded Fringes-Seaded Fringes
Other Garments Accessories
    Hand Embroidered Peak Cap
    Hand Embroidered Collar Badges-Gorgets
    Ceremonial Waist Belts
    Military Caps
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Khalida Embriodery is the manufacturer & exporter of Military Uniform Accessories Like Cords, Braids, Hand Embroidery badges, Aiguillettes, Lanyards, Cap Cords, Shoulder Boards, Sword Knots, Russian Braid, Shoulder Cords, Bullion Fringe, Shoulder Rank Sliders, Shoulder Pads, Ceremonial Waist Belts, Military Caps, Bullion Wire Thread Material For Hand Embroidery, etc

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Overseas Medal Ribbons Australia Australian Medal Ribbons
[ 1 ]
1939-45 AUSTRALIAN SERVICE MEDAL RIBBON,Australia Australian Medal Ribbons
Art No: KEW381-AMR01 View Details
Austrailian Afghanistan Medal Ribbon,Australia Australian Medal Ribbons
Art No: KEW381-AMR02 View Details
Australia Active Service Medal 1945-75 Ribbon,Australia Australian Medal Ribbons
Art No: KEW381-AMR03 View Details
Australia Distinguished Service Cross Medal Ribbon 1991,Australia Australian Medal Ribbons
Art No: KEW381-AMR04 View Details
Australia National Medal 1975 Ribbon,Australia Australian Medal Ribbons
Art No: KEW381-AMR05 View Details
Australia Nursing Service Cross Medal Ribbon 1991,Australia Australian Medal Ribbons
Art No: KEW381-AMR06 View Details
Australian Army Medal Medal Ribbon,Australia Australian Medal Ribbons
Art No: KEW381-AMR07 View Details
Australian National Service Medal,Australia Australian Medal Ribbons
Art No: KEW381-AMR08 View Details
AUSTRALIAN SERVICE MEDAL,Australia Australian Medal Ribbons
Art No: KEW381-AMR09 View Details

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